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We would love to create an opportunity for you and your fellow colleagues to bond together as a team, through the joy of crafting your own pottery. No experience or any form of art background is required; a blend of curiosity, imagination, creativity and playfulness is all you need to have an enjoyable time.


events & Workshops


events & Workshops




Mastering a craft helps you understand and appreciate the process of growth. To achieve something worthwhile, it takes time and effort. Planning, growth, evaluation and measurement all requires time, and taking time takes patience. So does a team spirit, and a healthy co-working environment. 


Craft-making plays an important role in the mastering of patience. Mastering patience helps you develop the understanding, empathy and compassion for others. Taking the time to process what you go through and are able to determine what it takes to overcome obstacles. As a result of better, more fulfilling relationships with friends and co-workers.

As you learn and practice patience, the overwhelming anger or stress in you reduces naturally. You will be more in control of your emotions and in a better position to deal with difficult situations with ease and poise. Promoting a healthy and happy spirit. A calm spirit leads to better decision-making. When you're calm and patient, you will take the time to assess and analyze the situation. This avoids misconception and miscommunication hence efficiency in deliberate problem-solving.


The Corporate Events & Workshops are curated to build a better chemistry among staffs and colleagues while working in a whole new environment. It is a different way to experience and understand one another through craft making. A great retreat that is highly recommended for teams who are adventurous to challenge and try out something different. This will pull the team out of their structured activities into a light-spirit craft making session.

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  • Studio / Off-Site Venue

  • Customizable Learning Content

  • Inclusive of Materials & Tools

  • Glazing & Firing Charges

  • Delivery of Finished Works

  • Private Session Available

29 Opal Crescent
S 328422

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