Craftsmanship :

studio Pottery

Craftsmanship :

studio Pottery

Have you ever wished to experience the exuberant feeling of creating your own 3D artwork from clay? We cater to pottery workshops and classes for all ages and for those with little to no experience in pottery.


Everyone is welcome to join and appreciate the therapeutic joy of making your own pottery! We are proud to propose to you our well-acclaimed pottery sessions that bring you a vibrant art creating experience.


This workshop runs the gamut from throwing on the potter’s wheel to hand-building your own pottery. Classes are being held at a 2-3 hour duration each time, materials and tools will be provided. 


Mastering a craft helps you understand and appreciate the process of growth. To achieve something worthwhile, it takes time and effort. Planning, growth, evaluation and measurement all requires time, and taking time takes patience. This is why craft-making works closely with the process of growth. The first step is knowing that regardless of what we are venturing to learn, create, or achieve, patience is the key that unifies the beginning, middle, and the end of the process.


Craft-making plays an important role in the mastering of patience within ourselves. In pottery making, a raw hunk of clay doesn’t become a finished bowl on its own in one day, nor does a novice become a master of anything worth creating in one day. Metaphorically, we could say that we are all students on the potter’s wheel of life learning how to shape our lives. The key is to remember there is a timeline involved in any creative process that needs to be honoured. Becoming a master of anything worth doing requires the wisdom of patience, creating the spaciousness between breaths for the unfolding of our true passion, genius, and soul. As you learn and practice patience, the overwhelming anger or stress in you reduces naturally. 


Studio Pottery is curated in a comfortable setting built for a light spirit. If you are seeking a short retreat that would help nurture a healthy and calm spirit, we promise this is your best fit. 



1-Time Pottery Experience

Participants will be introduced to various craft techniques used in pottery making from hand-building to wheel-throwing.

In this 3-hour session, you will be able to craft at least 2-3 pieces of pottery from 2 different segments, and you will be receiving them after the firing process which takes up 1-2 months.


Group discount is available for a group of 4 participants or more, please feel free to enquire for further details!

2-3 Hour Session 

Hand-Building & Wheel-Throwing

3 Artworks

Rent-a-wheel (RAW) package

Looking to pick up pottery as a new hobby?

Rent-A-Wheel (RAW) Package consists of 4 sessions and is designed to suit intermediate & beginner potters!

Different content will be introduced during each 2-hour session, which mainly focuses on wheel-throwing.

Our schedule is pretty flexible, you can book your weekly slots based on your availability with us!


Please kindly leave us a message!

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